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Thank you for visiting. For the past ten years, I have navigated Seattle Public Schools as part of my three children’s educations. I’ve volunteered in school programs and worked with PTAs.

I am running for School Board because I believe we have a great opportunity to make Seattle Public Schools a national leader in providing quality education to all our city’s children. 


 Outcomes I believe we can achieve include:

  • Closing educational gaps
  • Utilizing progressive curriculums to create healthy learning environments for all of our children
  • Rethinking testing and student performance data
  • Supporting the educators and support staff who guide and care for our children
  • Operational excellence and policy transparency

Lastly, I believe we can accomplish all this while keeping our schools transparent, inclusive and publicly run. 

My perspective as a parent combined with my professional experience as a process improvement consultant to businesses and government agencies, will be a valuable asset to help the School Board work towards these outcomes for our schools.  


 Seattle has become a populous, cosmopolitan, global economic center.  Our public schools need to keep up with the pace of our city’s growth by providing our students with education that will keep them relevant in the future workforce and sustain them as individuals and future citizens.

I look forward to serving you as a Seattle School Board Director and I would be honored to have your support and your vote.

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