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Thank You!!! It has been an exciting and energizing couple of months of campaigning to work for you as part of the Seattle Public School Board. I want to thank each and every one of you for your votes, support, encouragement and engagement in my campaign. I won’t be representing you for the District 5 Director position, yet I feel a renewed sense of community and purpose. You can be sure I will continue to work towards making Seattle Public Schools a welcoming place for all students and families and a beacon of educational quality and success for the community and beyond.

As we move towards the general election it is important to remember that improvements are still possible in our district. It is important that you as the electorate pay close attention to the remaining candidates and elect those most likely to move our schools forward and improve the lives of our children.

Following the election it will be our job to hold the board, the district, and everyone who works with our kids accountable. We need to do our part to ensure that we are closing educational gaps, using progressive curriculums to create healthy learning environments for ALL of our children, fairly evaluating performance, keeping the schools publicly run, and operating the district effectively and transparently.

To continue the process of learning and engagement with the community I will be embarking on a new venture I hope will assist Seattle voters in making informed choices about the issues that matter most to them. If you are interested in hearing more about this, please stay tuned to my Facebook page. I will share more details and add you to my informational mailing list. Together we can make a positive impact for our city, our students, our families, schools and community. 

I look forward to continuing this work with you. Thank you again for your support. See you in the schools!

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